TMJ Warning Signs Not to Ignore of TMJ

While TMJ and sleep disorders are physically all in your head, or almost anyway, medical practitioners can sometimes make it seem like the pain you feel is just “all in your head.” The problems associated with TMJ and breathing-related sleep disorders are in your mouth, and your jaws, and your airway, and maybe even in […]

The Direct Link between Nutrition and TMD

It makes sense, if any part of your mouth – jaw or teeth, for example – are in pain, it’s going to impact what you choose to eat or what you avoid.  In the moment, you simply look for an option that’s not going to provoke pain. However, that’s simply not a legitimate long-term solution. […]

Sleep Awareness Week

On average, Americans enjoy 7.4 hours of sleep each night, which meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation of seven or more hours. That means, thirty percent of our day should be dedicated to getting the rest we need.  For some, achieving this goal is attainable without much effort. However, for others, the […]

Living with someone who suffers from TMJ: how to help

Imagine if you had unexplainable pain that manifested itself throughout the day and possibly resulted in sleepless night.  It would be frustrating, uncomfortable and discouraging.  Perhaps you aren’t experiencing this, but maybe a family member is. If your loved one is plagued with problems that don’t seem to have an easy solution, don’t be quick […]

Diagnosed with TMJ? Here is what to do next

“Diagnosis is not the end but the beginning of practice.” —Martin H. Fischer Mr. Fischer was a well-known German-born American physician, author, and professor who contributed to the medical profession for decades.  His comment regarding diagnosis is key to understanding how to approach any challenge our body faces; once the source of the challenge is […]

TMJ Awareness Month

Most people have heard of the term TMJ and use it to refer to pain in the jaw area. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the “hinge” that connects your jaw to your skull. When a person experiences pain or tenderness in the jaw area, they are actually suffering from what is known as […]