Small Things You Can Do to Ease Your Facial Pain

Do you find that your face hurts, even when there’s no direct cause to explain it? There’s a possibility you might suffer from temporomandibular disorder (TMD) a painful disorder of the jawbone hinge, or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Your TMJ connects with your temporal bone, which is located on the lower side of your skull. […]

Sleep Apnea & How We Fix It

One patient of mine, forty-five-year-old Ann, had come in for a root canal when she opened up to me about another area of her life, one that she was initially almost too embarrassed to tell me about. “I don’t even know how I can talk about it,” she confided. After a little coaxing, she finally […]

Benefits of the anti-inflammatory diet

The True Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

What you put in your mouth makes all the difference in the world for how you feel and how your body will operate. Inflammation causes so many issues in the body, which is why we place such a great emphasis on educating our patients about the anti-inflammatory diet.  When they begin to understand how to […]

anti-inflammation diet

Your Diet Is The Key To Your Health

It shouldn’t be surprising that what we put in our bodies will impact how they perform and feel based on the kind of food – or fuel – we feed it. It does to a great degree. It’s why education regarding our diets is something I feel passionately about when helping treat my patients.  Procedures, […]

Headache or Migraine? Breaking down the differences

In my line of work, I frequently hear from patients about the various pains that stem from TMJ.  One of the most common sources of pain manifests itself in headaches and migraines – intense pain that is felt in different areas throughout the head, sometimes as a result of pain in the neck and throughout […]

headache remedies you can try at home

Headache Remedies You Can Try at Home

We all get them, and when you do, it can be merely annoying or all-consuming. Regardless of the pain level, headaches make even the simplest tasks difficult. And for those who tend to experience serious migraines they can be debilitating. When that pain hits, here are some headache remedies you can try at home: Eat […]

Stressed worker suffering from causes of a migraine

Common Causes of A Migraine And How To Prevent One

It often starts with a dull pain and from there can grow into a throbbing nightmare. Different factors can trigger different people, but there seem to be universal offenders that can start a migraine. If you’ve been able to eliminate factors such as TMJ – which could include clenching or grinding your teeth at night […]

TMJ Warning Signs Not to Ignore of TMJ

While TMJ and sleep disorders are physically all in your head, or almost anyway, medical practitioners can sometimes make it seem like the pain you feel is just “all in your head.” The problems associated with TMJ and breathing-related sleep disorders are in your mouth, and your jaws, and your airway, and maybe even in […]