Helping Audiences Take Deep, Symptom-Free, Breathes

Many people have unsuccessfully sought help to find relief for symptoms related to sleep disorders and TMD. Passionate about helping individuals not only identify the source of their discomfort and pain, but provide effective solutions, Dr. Krish addresses audiences of all sizes with effective solutions that create immediate changes.

Recognizing the need for different solution approaches based on different symptoms experienced, Dr. Krish offers equally effective guidance and instruction to help those suffering in the following areas:

  • Sleep disorders
  • TMJ and related symptoms
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics

Leveraging over 25 years of treating patients in each of these areas, as well as drawing on her own personal experience with sleep apnea and TMD, Dr. Krish’s engaging delivery of pertinent information could make the difference at your next workshop, convention, or event.

Dr. Krish presenting on Sleep Apnea

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My treatment with Dr. Krish began in late September but my suffering with the symptoms of TMJ (popping, locking, and clicking of the jaw, soreness and pain, malalignment of teeth/bite) has been ongoing since the early 1990s. I finished my treatment in December and my only regret is that I didn’t know of Dr. Krish sooner. The specialist that I consulted in my early 20s described the course of “treatment” to me, which consisted of essentially filing down my natural tooth structure and rebuilding the teeth in alignment with where the jaw naturally wants to close. I was a college student at the time and didn’t have the money needed for treatment. But, even then, I questioned the logic of filing and rebuilding my teeth, as I felt that such extensive dental work would certainly require a fair amount of maintenance through the years. Dr. Krish’s treatment restored my jaw to it’s natural position without doing any work on my teeth or performing any surgical procedures. After one week of treatment, not only had my symptoms improved drastically but my jaw placement was already corrected. I never tried to force it, but that’s what it would have taken to get it in the position it was before. I was amazed. One of the best parts of Dr. Krish’s treatment is that she explains and visually demonstrates how the problem is multi-faceted. It’s not just the teeth, the nasal passages, the tongue, the joint, etc., but how they all work together and how it causes problems when they don’t work together properly. Her treatment actually made sense to me! The end results were worth the money spent because it’s a permanent solution, which is a great alternative to just living with pain and discomfort. I am so thankful that she has chosen to help people who suffer needlessly. I am also thankful that my dentist, Dr. Morris, referred me to her. Last, but definitely not least, I have to mention what a wonderful, caring, friendly, and professional staff she has. I was a little sad when my treatment had concluded because I had gotten to know them so well. What a difference a well-informed, well-trained team of professionals makes!

Rhonda Powell​

For at least a decade I was a heavy snorer who would momentarily stop breathing during the night. I never recognized the impact this had on my sleep quality, but it significantly impacted my wife’s sleep quality. Amazingly it wasn’t the snoring that interrupted her sleep, it was the silence because that meant I had stopped breathing. Four to six times a night I would go silent and she would wake up, shake me to get me breathing, then rest fairly easy while I snored away.

It took the negative impact on my wife’s sleep, and not the negative impact on my own health, to spur me into fixing my problem. For a variety of reasons CPAP was a solution of last resort for me, and I always want to avoid surgical options. I decided an oral appliance would be the first potential solution I would try, it turned out to be the ideal solution for me.

The snoring and breathing interruption stopped the very first night. Within a week I recognized I no longer felt tired toward the end of the work day. In a year of wearing the device there have been zero stopped breathing occurrences. My predominate sleeping position is on my side and my wife cannot recall any snoring when on my side; there is occasional snoring when I am sleeping on my back. I had a sleep apnea test with the device a couple of months after first use; I passed the test with flying colors!

James O'Donnell

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