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Your Diet Is The Key To Your Health

It shouldn’t be surprising that what we put in our bodies will impact how they perform and feel based on the kind of food – or fuel – we feed it. It does to a great degree. It’s why education regarding our diets is something I feel passionately about when helping treat my patients.  Procedures, medications, appliances – these all help bring comfort to discomfort and physical challenges. However, true health starts and is maintained through healthy living, including our diets.

From a scientific standpoint, the food we eat is impacting human evolution and will determine what humans of the future will be like. What we choose to eat and what subsequently is produced and provided in our grocers and eating establishments will help determine the kind of impact our bodies will experience. 

I frequently talk about the damaging effects of inflammation and the foods that cause it. Sugar, dairy products, and gluten, for example, can cause inflammation and weight gain all over the body, even in the fingers. When there is excess fat in the neck, it can put more pressure on the airway. If the airway is already small, then the problem worsens with excess weight.

It’s why I recommend patients consider a deflaming diet which reduces inflammation all over the body and helps with weight loss, as well. I see the consequences of these foods daily in my practice. Sugar is one of the worst as it causes inflammation everywhere, including in the nasal passages – which is why I’m very familiar with the consequences. When the nasal airway is inflamed, it becomes more difficult to breathe through the nose. That can cause a person to develop a bad habit of breathing through the mouth. When that happens, the lower jaw is set back and downward, which can lead to poor tongue position and poor swallowing habits. All of these contribute to sleep issues and mouth/jaw problems. 

In the end, what we put in our mouth matters. It impacts every aspect of our health from the mechanics and functionality to the emotional. It’s easy to ignore the risk factors – the foods that are the worst for us are literally surrounding us, packaged in attractive presentations and tempting flavors and smells. And like so many of us are familiar with, the idea of, “well everyone else is doing it; therefore, it can’t be that bad” leads us down an incredibly unhealthy path.  Commit to a healthier diet – when you do you’ll have a healthier body and life. Learn more by visiting