Creating Healthy Goals and Resolutions this Year that Can Change Your Life

A fresh year is upon us and many will take pen to paper and list out new resolutions for 2019. Perhaps you had success with resolutions you set last year and are conjuring up a batch of new goals.  Or maybe you weren’t as successful, and you find yourself revisiting some from last year or the year before…

Regardless of where you stand on achieving your goals, give yourself credit for outlining a plan. And consider this: many goals that you want to accomplish will be much easier to achieve if you are healthy and feeling great physically.  Consider some of the following ideas to integrate into your 2019 resolutions and see how incorporating any of these could dramatically impact your success rate come 2020.

  1.     Get sufficient sleep each night and if you are struggling with any aspect of a good night’s rest, get it checked out. Along the same lines, be aware of your overall health and be willing to talk with medical professionals if you have any concerns.  Don’t live uncomfortably; find the source and fix it!
  2.     Evaluate your baseline approach to food and consider making a few adjustments to help yourself feel better and operate more effectively.  Are there inflammatory foods that are consistently hurting you? What habits are you ready to overcome? Also, consider drinking more water and less of everything else.
  3.     Consider integrating activities that help you manage your stress and allow you to relax more like reading, yoga, meditation, etc. Like I suggest for sleep preparation, think about your electronic usage and perhaps decrease it; doing so will likely improve your overall sense of wellbeing and help you focus on your 2019 goals!
  4.     Get outside and enjoy nature with activities that require movement and being present in your environment. As I have mentioned repeatedly, exercise is a key ingredient to overall health.

New Year’s resolutions are exciting to think about and plan for.  Help yourself achieve those goals by integrating a higher level of health and wellbeing into your daily life.  Learn more about some of the suggestions I provided by visiting, Dr.ShabKrish.